Wi-Fi and 5G 

Protect YOU and your FAMILY with these high vibrational products!

Are you 5G ready? Its pretty challenging trying to cope with technology. This is why I absolutely LOVE these products. I remember afew years ago when I first came into contact with Orgone Effects products.

I was walking through the Mind, Body, Spirit festival and came across the Mobile phone Wi-fi Radiation Harmonizer. At the time, I was experiencing terrible pain in the side of the head whenever I used my mobile phone. (Note: I am super sensitive) This started to get worse and worse, even if I was on the phone for a couple of minutes. I mentioned this to Gerard (the owner) and he let me test out his product. Giving me one to just place in my phone and call someone. This is how much he believes in his product. I spoke with my sister on the phone for 20 minutes and no pain. I was in shock and immediately bought one for each family member and continue to sell it through my other business Healing Inside Out. 

I now have many of their product throughout my house. My daughter sleeps better (with the dome in her room) and we all feel better with our phones and watches. 

Below are some of the products that I’m absolutely passionate about…

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